Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is a system of healing based on spiritual practices that originated in tribal cultures. The shaman is a healer who acquires knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual power from personal helping spirits whom the shaman encounters on journeys into other realities that are normally invisible and undetectable to people whose conscious awareness is usually focused on the ordinary reality of daily life. The Shamanic practitioner is able to see and enter realms intentionally that most people encounter only in dreams and myth, and from these realms, the Shamanic practitioner brings back vital information for the healing of individuals, communities and the Earth itself. Shamanic healing may involve extraction of harmful intrusion that cause sickness or bad luck, soul retrieval to bring back lost parts of one’s soul, power animal retrieval to bring back helping spirits to aid the person in daily life and divination work to retrieve answers to questions a person may need spiritual help with.

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