Energetic Healing

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. Everything has a distinct energy field, including people, which scientists are increasingly able to measure. The human energy field supports our health and well-being and connects us to the universal source of energy. Energetic Healing restores the energy field’s strength, and allows emotional and physical symptoms to dissipate.

Because energy is the common medium that cuts across so many disciplines and has been studied and written about for so long, we have developed literally hundreds of ways to describe what energy is and how it works. Until the introduction of modern medicine, energy was the basis for all the traditional healing arts from Chinese medicine to homeopathy to shamanism. Even modern western medicine bases diagnoses and treatment on your body’s energy using an electrocardiogram to determine how you’re your heart is functioning or and electroencephalogram to determine brain function, to name only a few examples.

From the theological point of view, energy is spirit. The Chinese term synonymous with energy flow or life force is chi. The Hindus refer to energy as prana or breath of life. From the scientific point of view, energy is an electromagnetic field and the foundational form for air/gas, liquid and matter. From the psychological viewpoint, energy is thought form. The work of energy psychology draws from all of these traditions to transform thought form into healing.

The characteristic of energy is that it moves. When we think about energy we think about movement, force, vitality. Energy is mostly invisible. Most people cannot see energy, which makes many skeptical about what energy is and how it can influence their lives. People are naturally more likely to trust what they can see, but what we usually can see is the effect of energy rather than energy itself. For example, if you stand on a bridge and drop a rock into the water, you would see it fall, splash, and make ripples in the water. What you don’t see is the force of gravity, which is a form of energy, bringing the rock down and then spreading out into ripples. The most scientific evidence of energy is heat. Pause for a moment and hold your hands together about _ or _ inch apart. Move them slightly away and towards each other. Notice that you begin to feel a buildup of warmth between them and an invisible pressure pushing them apart. This is energy; and evidence of your own energy field.

Chinese Medicine discovered that they could move energy/chi, by administering needles or pressure to specific points on the body, balance the energy and facilitate healing of illness. In energy psychology, we use the pressure points or meridian points from Chinese medicine and the energy centers, or charkas from the Hindu tradition to balance the energy of memories, thoughts and emotions. Your body and your energy field work together to protect you and keep you emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy. Your body and energy field can remember when it was injured, lost, stuck, hurt, traumatized. The body is a huge living biological computer, with a huge memory bank of thoughts, experiences, and emotions that are stored in the cellular tissues of the body. Bring up an old memory of a particular time when you felt embarrassed or humiliated or a time when you remember feeling a lot of grief and pain. As soon as that memory is brought forward, your body will react with the same, or nearly the same, physical feelings it experienced during the event. Your stomach may feel queasy or upset, your heart may feel heavy and a feeling of crying may appear, as if you were still at the same space in time as when the even happened. It is your reminder that even though we may not notice, on a daily basis, that we are carrying around a lot of old “body memory” that may be contributing to our ill health or negative emotions, we almost always are and may need to do some specific work to help our bodies shed itself of that baggage. The good news is, that the energy field can also remember when there was healing and wellness. The body has an innate intelligence that knows exactly what it needs to heal itself. If we can tap into that body memory, we have the potential for even greater and more permanent healing.

Energetic Healing was born from energy psychology. Energetic Healing is a very practical method for accessing the body’s wisdom, unlocking the body’s hidden messages and obtaining insightful answers to problems you may have been carrying around with you your entire life. In Energetic Healing, the physical body is the central vehicle for much of the work. It includes using the arms for manual muscle testing as well as holding or tapping on the various acupoints or charkas to effect change at multiple levels.

In Energetic Healing, the method for diagnosing what you body wants to prioritize for healing, is to use manual muscle testing in combination with holding intentional thought. The client holds in their mind and body a particular set of goals or intentions that they specifically want to work on and heal. The clinician then asks questions regarding which issue is in the client’s highest and best interest to begin healing work on. While asking these questions, the clinician use manual muscle testing to ascertain positive or negative answers to those questions. Once the goal/intention is established, work begins on ascertaining what is keeping the client from achieving that goal, what emotions, conflicts or limiting belief systems may be getting in the way of healing and whether or not there is an energetic origin or root cause to the problem. Energetic Origins may be events or experiences that the client has encountered earlier in this current life. This could include messages or feelings they picked up on while still in utero. They may also include events that have happened previous to this lifetime. These experiences (often times, but not always, traumatic events) can develop into symptoms that emerge as energetic patterns that the individual holds onto subconsciously and frequently permeates through time (even lifetimes).

By assessing those energetic origins and bringing them into current conscious thought, the held energy (or emotional baggage) can then be released for good, thereby freeing up the body to heal itself more rapidly. The releasing protocols vary and are determined via manual muscle testing. They can include having the client tap on certain meridian points or hold a charka point while holding the intention for that energy to be released. Other interventions might include the use of vibrational sound such as a bell, chimes, a singing bowl to release held energy. The use of crystals or smudge for clearing negative energies may also be used.

Energetic Healing can help you to understand the old or subconscious beliefs associated with an individual’s current conflicts. Energetic Healing can help discover, heal and release the cellular memories and negative patterns that contribute to unhealthy behaviors, emotions and illness. Energetic Healing explores past or other life memories that are linked energetically to present life difficulties, and can help to heal unresolved early memories and experiences that often create faulty belief systems, distorted self-image and repetitive behaviors that persist simply to keep the problem state in place.

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