Energetic Healing

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. Everything has a distinct energy field, including people, which scientists are increasingly able to measure. The human energy field supports our health and well-being and connects us to the universal source of energy. Energetic Healing restores the energy field’s strength, and allows emotional and physical symptoms […]

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Wendy Jensen, LCSW

Wendy’s initiation into healing arts probably began as a child who was blessed with experiencing a variety of paranormal events that helped her to learn and trust clairaudient and clairvoyant communication with spirit. Her formal initiation began in 1996 in Portland, Oregon when she began studying Shamanic Healing though the Foundation For Shamanic Studies. She […]

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Healing the body’s energy centers

In addition to energy that flows around your body, there are energy systems that flow through your body. These seven basic energy systems are arranged up and down the center of our bodies and are intimately connected with specific parts of the endocrine system. Each chakra has a different energy frequency and are associated with […]

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